Full Stack designer working with
startups to create
Products & Brands

I help Startups design memorable experiences for their products and build their brand identity with clarity, meaning, and intention.

Gianluca Piovani

“Not only Stefan is a great developer, he is an awesome brand strategist. He really helped me clarify my message and articulate it into a beautiful, easy to navigate website. I highly recommend working with him if you're looking to have a website designed to attract your ideal client. Plus, he is very generous with his time and will go the extra mile to give a personal touch.”

Ivan Karaman

"Oh boy what a catch! Mind: blown. Ok so, Stefan is an insanely skilled and efficient designer – total check there – but that's just the start of the value bomb. He came up with a fun, recognizable branding that's 100% me (GIFs on :hover and all), helped me strategize short & long term (including Producthunt!), and flooded my inbox with *months* of tips and learning resources. And he's got a huge network and always knows skilled people who can get other things done for you."

Liam Shaw

“My first experience with Stefan and it won't be my last. Detailed, Hard Working and at the highest Quality, Stefan was able to understand and see my vision along with bringing new ideas to the table. Stefan delivered an outstanding and beautiful design for this project. I will continue to work with Stefan in the future!!.”

Gustavo Guida
Alloy Card

“Stefan is a very capable designer! Plus, he also pushed live a fully functional website on Webflow! He helped us nail the concept and was able to deliver a great site, despite all the restrictions we had. We look forward to hiring him again on future projects!”

Daniel Rondaeu
Full Cortex

"Stefan was a pleasure to work with and I will hire him on other upcoming projects. He was a great communicator and really understands what the customer was looking to build!"

Your website should turn visitors into engaged customers.

It’s like having a top-performing sales rep
working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In today’s busy world, your customers are constantly bombarded with different marketing messages, which makes it significantly more difficult for customers to focus and make right choice. In order to stand out from the noise, your signal should be clear and precise.

From Pre-Seed to Series A, I help startups create relationship with their customers, by communicating their functional message, personality and values to prospective customer, trough clear, comprehensible design and memorable customer experience.

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It all boils down to understanding your user base. In most cases, it’s the design that decides your position between making or breaking
a business.

My project workflow can be split in two main stages - preparation and execution. During the preparation stage, we focus on making a detailed plan for the project execution and its scope. The actual work, testing and validation is done in the second stage.

Our first goal is to in fully understand your users and discover their wants and needs, frustration, and goals. Only then we'll be able to design a consistent messaging strategy and conversion-driven design for your website.

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Business Strategy

Workshop that will help you understand, prioritize and focus on clear vision and plan, to help you achieve your goals. It helps teams conduct the strategic planning process together. Achieving understanding, definition and agreement in one process vs. having to go back and forth for months.

Design Sprints

Whether it’s about validating a business idea, adding a feature to existing, design sprints help you prototype a valid solution and solve big challenges. All without investing months in building an MVP, not knowing if it’s even the right thing to build.

Brand Identity

Brand identity isn’t just your logo, type you choose, and colors you place. Brand identity serves as a key to your business strategy by communicating your functional message, personality, values, and aspirations. When done well, your prospective clients will intuitively and effortlessly realize how you differ from the competition.

UX/UI Design

Visualizing and building the architecture of your digital product that reflects and resonates with your user's journey. Optimizing the structure and flow so that we provide seamless interactions.

Web Design

Exceptional websites and digital products are a fine blend of the right story and technology behind it. I take on a design thinking approach that focuses on usability and impact. No shortcuts, dark patterns.

Webflow Development

Development process is not necessarily code-driven. And tools such is Webflow truly make it easier to move your artboard into a working digital experience - branded websites, presentations, pitch decks etc.  Less churn in resources while staying true to the core concepts of the web.


Information about my process, services, rates and timelines you can check in my Capability Deck


Hello I am

Freelance Designer since 2015, currently living in the small city of Nis, Serbia

With an entrepreneurial spirit, and big passions about Startups I work closely with the CEO and Founders to help their vision be stated, consolidated and achieved.

Few more clients I worked previously — JustReachOut, HaulHub, GPSPatron, LiquidPiston, Boston Micromachine, FIftySeven, Layerflow, Full Cortex, and many others.

In spare time I love to listen podcasts, read books about entrepreneurship, travel and visit interesting places around the world.

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What’s the average cost of the project?

The final price is directly related to the project scope, timeline, and deliverables. As real project scope, can’t be determined without a formed strategy, the first stage of the project is Discovery.

After this stage, we’ll have clear overview of what we building, what resources are required and how much time we’ll need to complete the project. Once we have a clear picture of this, I’ll be able to propose you final price and deadline.

For now I can only give you a bull-park range, so the clients I work with previously typically come to me with more than $2,000 and less than $10,000 in their budget.

How long will take you to revamp our website?

It depends on the project scope. But from previous experience, designing and developing new landing page can take up to 2 weeks, while some bigger websites 6-12 pages, can take up to 4-6 weeks.

What process I can expect?

Detail information about me, my services, costs and timelines, you can check in my Capability Deck Document

What I can expect on our first call?

The first step of starting our cooperation is 30-minute discovery call. In this call we’ll try to define your goals, perform problem discovery and identify potential solution to your problem.

After our call I’ll send you proposal for discovery session, so you can approve and set a downpayment. Once we complete the the Discovery phase, I’ll be able to compose and deliver a final project proposal, and then we can officially start our project.

Stefan Popadic
Freelance Designer
Design Strategist
Webflow Developer